ZYCOO Releases New UC Series IP Office for SOHO


Chengdu, China (December 10, 2015) --- ZYCOO, the leading developer and manufacturer of SMB IP Phone Systems, is proud to announce the release of the updated version of UC Series IP Office for SOHO.

This release has successfully passed lengthy and vigorous testing procedures and comprises of improvements to functionality, product stability and interface design. This latest UC Series is the smartest and most compact device we have released to date, and is a much more appropriate solution for small and home office(SOHO) environments requiring combined IP PBX and WiFi router functionality.

Aimed directly at SOHO market, certain enterprise functionality such as call queue, peer trunk mode, auto answer, DISA, Smart DID, call back, VLAN, IPv6 have been deleted as these are not required for this target market.

However, we have added some new functionality including G.729 audio codec which guarantee’s clear communication but at reduced bandwidth and optimization of wireless functionality to guarantee the stability of wireless connection.

“As simple as possible” is the purpose of the newest UC series to provide a perfect solution to simplify usage, configuration and maintenance for SOHO customers.