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VoIP, is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also called IP Telephony since it channels voice calls and voice data through IP networks, through LANs (Local Area Networks) and the Internet. 

Performing as the own industry, VoIP is the trend nowadays as well as in future, despite the communication in human history has changed a lot. Swifter, clearer, more accessible are that human are always seeking for.

Working with China Telecom, one of the largest telecommunication enterprises on this planet, ZYCOO obtained plenty of experience, improved the efficiency of cooperation, and enhanced the level of production. Moreover, lots of Asian and African telecom companies already became long-term partners of ZYCOO.



Hospitality & Service


Outstanding guest experience and customer service, bring repeat customers and referred customers for hospitality companies. Those companies that have the highest customer loyalty are surely the most successful in service industry.

ZYCOO can provide beneficial solutions for hospitality companies that can manage multiple locations and offer customer excellent staying experience. Group telephone systems, customized service, customized IVR… Besides, ZYCOO is always ready to meet customers’ constructive requests.

Nowadays, there will be no surprise if you see a ZYCOO system operating in a hotel while you are travelling in Caribbean islands, South East Asia or all over the world.



Super Market & Retail


Teamwork, is the key word to supermarkets and retail companies. Warehouses, suppliers, stores, logistics, and buyers are an impartible entirety that are working wholly.

Large-scaled processing capacity, multiple locations integrating capacity, and remote collaborating ability, that are coming with ZYCOO solutions for large companies bring unbeatable competitiveness to supermarkets and retail companies.

We believe ZYCOO will help more and more of them to win!



Banking & Financial


Banks and financial institutions throughout the world are suffering the unpredictable and turbulent financial environment nowadays. They need a dependable communication system to reduce their costs and improve their productivity and operation.

ZYCOO care about bringing useful unified communication systems to these customers. That helps them be more efficient in activities, more responsive to customer needs and more profitable even in times of economic instability.

Several of Global 500 Firms (Chinese banks) are embodying value of ZYCOO products at present.



Education & Training


Our time is advancing without a break. Education and training, stand in the frontier of every industry, confronting opportunities and challenges. They desiderate to transform to attract more splendid faculty and students.

Not only the communication itself, but also any other subjects, can get rich and interactive solutions from ZYCOO. Distinctive paging & intercom features can help to connect faculty and students easily. Video calls/conferences can be a modern way for future education as well..

We are happy to be the carrier for knowledge to more and more students. Universities of science, technology and information engineering in are already users of ZYCOO. Moreover, students are getting direct display and operation on ZYCOO products in lessons.



Oil & Mining


Due to world-wide crisis, energy companies are facing challenge of cost effectiveness & environment protection. On the other hand, energy companies always have spread-out branches and working sites, some of which require extraordinary communication solutions.

To meet their demands of integration and particularity, ZYCOO developed outstanding group telephone systems based on IP, that can help energy companies deploy their branches and sites systematically. ZYCOO GSM solution is also applicable for special working sites for which ordinary communications are not suitable, such as mining pits and offshore work platforms.

PetroChina, one of the largest oil refining enterprises, is our solid client for years. ZYCOO has deployed IP communication systems for one of their regional branches. Besides, ZYCOO system is widely used for oil enterprises in other East Asian & MEA countries.



Prison & Special


Special industry always have their special requests when they are in need of communications. ZYCOO is flexible to work with any parties to improve all the time.

Prison, for instance, is a special site to ordinary people, but we all know its specificity. Security, stability and accessibility are the needless-to-say requirements. Performing as critical parts of prison communicating system, Monitoring & IP Camera supported by ZYCOO products is acting an important role.

ZYCOO has the experience to deploy a reliable communicating system in a prison somewhere.