Certifications Course

Zycoo certifications course is organized and provided by ZYCOO training center in various locations around the world. Anyone who is VoIP product sales person, network engineers, integrators or managers can attend Zycoo certification training center to learn more about Zycoo products.


- Zycoo Conference Event to Introduce Zycoo Products 

Participants in the conference will be introduced to the capabilities and advantages of Zycoo products.

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Zycoo Certified Sales Professional 

The certificate indicates that the holder knows about Zycoo products and can explain to the customer about the features, functionality and performance of each Zycoo product.

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Zycoo Certified IP telephony Associate 

The certificate indicates that the holder knows how to install, configure and maintain Zycoo product; the basic features of Zycoo product.

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Zycoo Certified IP Telephony Expert 

The certificate indicates that the holder is an expert on all topics related to Zycoo products. 
ZCIE is an expert in design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of IP Telephony.

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Zycoo Certified Professional Trainer 

The certificate holder is permitted to hold seminars and training courses on behalf of Zycoo and obtain certificates for students who have successfully passed the required exam.

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