CooBill is a billing system developed by ZYCOO Europe and is designed to integrate with our CooVox Series IP Phone Systems. Its primary purpose is to aid enterprises in managing their telecommunication billing process, and allow them to access a detailed account list of daily calls or to produce bills for customers. Once integration with CooVox IP Phone Systems is complete, CooBill can be used to check billing for each extension, recharge for a selected extension, etc. Prepay and Postpay are available for flexible pay type options.

   Key Features
Prepay & Postpay
Users can choose prepay or postpay as pay type.
Prepay: paid in advance. Recharge for each extension as required, and the outbound call will be limited once it's out of charges;
Postpay: paid after consumption. Set the call credit for extensions, once it's out of the limited credit then recharge for extensions.

Flexible Rate for Extension

Set the different rate for each extension; select your local currency for rate.

Real-time Billing

Real-time billing for each extension, and its easy to check the call logs by filter the date, timeā€¦

Centralized Account Management
Centralized management for all extensions includes unlock/lock extensions for billing, set pay type, recharge for extensions, check recharge history, call logs and statistics.

Name Version Size Release Date Download
CooBill Installation Guide & Manual V1.0 1MB Dec. 05, 2014