CooPanel is a multi-function operator panel solution and is designed to allow operators and receptionists management of internal telephone calls in SMB environments.
It is developed as a plug-in for CooVox IP phone systems, which will show you detailed IP PBX activities, extensions status, history calls and more. User can utilize this panel to make a call, transfer, and search contact from phonebook.
Key Features

For Receptionist 

  • See extensions’ status (Log off/ Idle/ Ringing/ In call/ On hold)
  • See current call
  • Check call logs
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers
  • Pick up the ringing call

For Call Center 

  • See agents’ status (Log off/Idle/ Ringing/ In call/ On hold)
  • Spy the specified agent
  • Private chatting with one agent
  • Click to call from the phonebook
For Dispatch 
  • See all extensions’ status in real time(Log off/Idle/ Ringing/ In call/ On hold)
  • Call directly extensions or external numbers
  • Forced to hang up the extension in the call 
  • Intrude into a session to be a three-way conferencing 
  • Intercom directly with one extension
  • Spy the specified extension’s calls
  • Private chat with a specified extension who is in the call
Name Version Size Release Date Download
CooPanel Usermanual V1.0.0 827KB Mar. 11, 2015
CooPanel_Setup V1.0.0Beta 1.47MB Mar. 12, 2015