VoIP has become more and more popular in modern times, that has already unconsciously influenced our daily life. Compared to traditional communicating methods, VoIP is flexible, highly efficient, and cost-effective, therefore it turns into a trend nowadays. Especially during this unstable and unpredictable economic situation, VoIP brings every company and individual tangible benefits as well as confidence.

Since the day of foundation, ZYCOO have been always keeping our focus on developing Asterisk based products in standard of high applicability and innovation. Our products have been distributed and deployed in all sorts of industries, and are keeping playing an indispensible role.



ZYCOO Product Family has been growing rapidly all the time. We are always keen to absorb everything new to make us always stand at the frontier of technologies. By now, our products cover IP PBX, IP Office for SOHO, Asterisk Appliance, IP Phone as well as value-added Software Addons in future.

ZYCOO IP Phone Systems can provide not only all basic traditional PABX features, but also all kinds of advanced IP PBX features. Moreover, the companies in need of upgrading their communication systems don't need to bother with the pain of system migration because it's easy to merge our systems with their existing ones, until it's smoothed transited and accustomed.